At MINKARA We Use Natural And Recycled Materials. Any Variation In Color Or Detailing Is A Result Of The Handcrafted Nature Of This Item. Slight Imperfections Are Not To Be Considered Defects, But Add To Its Value And Unique Character.

Sterling silver can tarnish over time when exposed to the open air. Tarnishing is a natural process that can be cleaned. We do not use an anti-tarnish coating as this variates slightly the color of your silver.. and we like silver in it´s natural way!


Sterling Silver Jewelry Is A Timeless Investment. Caring For Your MINKARA Jewelry Will Help Ensure Its Beauty, Luster, And Longevity. Here Are Some Helpful Tips From Us On How To Take Care And Clean Your Jewelry Pieces In An Organic Way.

We Recommend That You Remove Jewelry Before Going To Bed Or Participating In Physical Activity. Exposure To Certain Harsh Chemicals Or Environments Might Result In Your Silver Pieces Going Dark.  This Includes, But Is Not Limited To The Following: Perspiration, Perfumes, Cleaning Agents, Chlorine, Salt Water, And Silver Polish.


IF YOUR SILVERS TURNS BLACK: DON´T PANIC!! It´s a natural process that can be easily cleaned at home:

To clean your silver at home You Will Need:

    ▪    Pan

    ▪    Water

    ▪    1 tbsp. baking soda

    ▪    Aluminum Foil

    ▪    1 tbsp. salt

    ▪    Soft cloth

    ▪    Olive oil

    ▪    Bowl

-Line a pan with aluminum foil. Put the items inside the pan, making sure they are touching the foil, then pour in enough water to cover the pieces.

-Mix salt and baking soda in a separate bowl and pour evenly over the water. Cover the pan and let it sit for a couple of hours          (longer if it’s highly tarnished). If you’re in a rush,  heat the pan and let the water boil for a couple of minutes. 

-Empty the water and remove your silver pieces from the pan. Rinse everything with hot water.

-Add a spoon of olive oil on a cloth ,this will dry and polish your silver pieces, while providing a natural anti-tarnish, due to the        antioxidant properties of olive oil .


 The Silver and Aluminum take part in an electrochemical reaction. The salt water allows the electrons to move.

As a result, the silver tarnish is "transferred" to the aluminum ; aluminum is oxidised and the reduced silver loses the tarnish.



No Worries! In This Table You Will Be Able To Find Your Size In The Different Scales Available.

If You Still Have Doubts, You Can Download Your Free Printable Ring Sizer



↠ All of our Gold plated pieces go through an X-Ray Plating Thickness & Deposit Testing once they are finished to guarantee that you get 2 real micron of 14K Gold on your piece. All of our plated pieces are made of Sterling Silver, so they will never leave your finger green.  You will always have a valuable piece as the base is solid sterling silver.

↠ Please have in mind that the Gold plating only gives color to the piece. Due to the daily use, the color may fade away or lose its initial shine and we cannot guarantee that this will not happen. But if this happens, it´s not the end of the world! Good news is that you can replate your piece unlimitedly. Just contact us and we will inform you on our Personalized Plating Service.


  • Don’t Use Traditional Jewelry Cleaners On Your Plated Jewelry, Or Any Other Chemical-Filled Solution, Not Even Toothpaste. Instead, Rely On A Soft Cotton Cloth And Warm Water, But Only If You Must. If You Have To, You Can Use A Miniscule Amount Of Liquid Soap, But You Should Only Do This When Needed. You Should Limit Its Exposure To Water As Well. So Take your jewelry off before taking a shower, washing your hands and before going in the Swimming pool or the sea.
  • Do You Keep Your Jewelry In A Jewelry Box Or Armoire, Or Another Type Of Box That Isn’t Designed Specifically For Jewelry? Be Sure To Avoid Storing Your Plated Jewelry In Something Made Of Oak, Or Even Cardboard Boxes. These Materials Are Often Treated With Sulfur, Which Over Time Will Release Fumes That Will Cause Your Jewelry To Tarnish And Become Damaged. Try To Store The Plated Pieces In Your Collection Inside  Velvet Or Silk Pouch To Keep Them Safe.
  • Basically, You Can Own Gold Plated Pieces And Ensure They Last For Years, As Long As You Take Care Of Them.

                     ↠Do you own any gold plated jewelry, or would you rather the real thing?

↠If You Want Your Piece To Be Gold Color Forever, We Highly Recommend To Invest A Little Bit More In A Solid Gold Piece. You Will Have A Piece Made Just For You, Ready To Pass On To Further Generations And That Will Last Forever. Fractioned Payment For Solid Gold Pieces Is A Possibility , Check Our Shipping And Payment Section To Get More Information.



 Leather is organic , and as lustrous as your new purchases may be, they will desiccate with time. That is why maintenance of your leather bags and other leather items is so important if you would like to keep them for a long time.  Here are some tips!

 ➳Remove dirt build-up by wiping down with a cleaner made specifically for the leather in question. 

➳Every other day, give your bag or bangle a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth—this won't take more than a few minutes, but will go miles towards preserving the appearance of your leather.  

➳You can use Nivea moisturiser with some leathers, like horse hide every once in a while. Put the cream on a soft cloth and rub gently all over.The color of the leather will get darker at first but it will get back to its original tonality with time.

➳ Leather is permeable and can not be waterproof. Avoid to get your leather piece wet and never go swimming with the leather bangles on. If they get wet, simply let them dry naturally in the shade.