18K Rose Gold Diamond Slice Ring 0.25Ct

18K Rose Gold Diamond Slice Ring 0.25Ct


Made in 18K Rose Gold, this Unique ring has a 0.23 ct grey slice diamond and 2 0.01 full cut Diamonds on the sides, S quality, H Color.

Diamond slices are a bi product of the Diamond industry. They come off the big stones during the cut and shaping process and, since the regular diamonds are more valuable without inclusions, the Slices of Diamond usually have beautiful patterns , making them unique.

To me , the beauty of imperfection makes this sustainable Jewelry pieces that you can only find once in a life time.

The piece has a thicker design on the bottom, thought for these moments when you do not want to show your diamond; this way you can turn it over and still have a beautiful design to wear.

It's ready to ship in size 6.75. It can be easliy re sized up or down 1,5 sizes.

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