MINKARA makes handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry that focuses on minimalist designs and organic, subtle shapes to create unique outstanding pieces for special souls.

Nature and different cultures of the world are the sources of our inspiration and you will find in our designs combinations of materials such as wood, silver, copper, brass, gold and gemstones gathered from all corners of the world.

We are conscious of how important sustainability is, so we use recycled metals, found objects, and resourced remnants to minimize the environmental impact of our jewelry making process and to enrich the work with the story of each element.

Surrounded by a creative family and having a scientific background as a pharmacist, it is not difficult for designerTeresa Soler to find her passion in metalsmithing, as this allows her to use the chemistry involved to combine the beauty of different elements and natural materials in her designs. Teresa finds inspiration through travel, nature, and the cultures of the world. This is what feeds her mind and creativity.