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MINKARA makes handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry that focuses on minimalist designs and organic, subtle shapes to create unique outstanding pieces for those who seek effortless style.

Nature and different cultures of the world are the sources of our inspiration and you will find in our designs combinations of materials such as Gold, wood, silver, copper, brass, gold and gemstones gathered from all corners of the world.

We are conscious of how important sustainability is, so we use recycled metals, found objects, and resourced remnants to minimize the environmental impact of our jewelry making process and to enrich the work with the story of each element.

Surrounded by a creative family and having a scientific background as a pharmacist, it is not difficult for designer Teresa Soler to find her passion in metalsmithing, as this allows her to use the chemistry involved to combine the beauty of different elements and natural materials in her designs. Teresa finds inspiration through travel, nature, and the cultures of the world. This is what feeds her mind and creativity.


“…I studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at University . I have always been a creative soul and a metal smith at heart. I remember myself making Jewelry with seeds and silver wire between class and class at university and selling it on campus to cover my weekend expenses.

After graduating from my Masters and having worked for a while in Spain, I moved to Australia to work for one of the biggest Cardiological Medical Devices companies in the world. At some point I was feeling that I needed to do something for a living that would fulfill my soul a little bit more.. And It was there, Down Under, where I found my Jewelry (Master) Teacher, John Hablitschek.

I had always been into Botany and plants. I found John at the Paddington markets in Sydney, and when I saw his work with organic shapes, I kept on going every weekend to the market to talk to him, until I convinced him to teach me. John, a royal artist, sculptor and master opal Jeweler, taught me how to turn organic materials into living Jewelry pieces (amongst other things). John travelled the world in search for stones, pearls and all kinds of materials that he then incorporated into this designs. Not only he put a little bit of himself in his pieces but he is one of the happiest people I have ever met, and so even if I love science, he inspired me to pursue a different style of living by doing something that I really love.

I quickly found my passion in metal smithing, as this allowed me to use the chemistry involved in the process to combine the beauty of different elements and natural materials in my designs.

The name MINKARA, which is the Australian Indigenous word for the "Silver Wattle Tree" (also called Mimosa or Acacia Dealbata), is a tribute to all the influence and evolution that my creative process went through while living in Australia, defining what the brand represents today.

I opened online shop right before leaving Down Under on a round-the-world trip, (with basic tools in the backpack), in search of new materials and inspiration for future collections.


Today I have studios in Los Angeles and Madrid, and I travel every year looking for the best stones and innovative materials, sourcing them locally, and bringing you original designs which are ready to create memories and become future heirlooms.

I put a little bit of my heart in every ring, every necklace, every bracelet and every pair of earrings that I make.

I love to get involved up to that point where your project becomes my project too, and I live it with the same excitement as you do. I help people to find their first piece of Jewelry for them or for their loved ones.

I believe that quality Jewelry made with noble metals should be available for everyone, and they love it so much that they want to have it in solid gold, I take that piece back, whatever it is, and I put the value towards the Solid gold piece, as in the end, I recycle the metals. That way I make possible for people to buy their first gold piece

But, Hold on, Who's Teresa?


• I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, before I left the country on an epic journey around the world. Everybody calls me Techu.

• I've been to 41 countries and I have lived in Spain, Italy, Australia and several spots in the USA ( Missouri, Colorado and California)

• I was almost attacked by a Grizzly bear in Yellowstone while happy campers where watching the whole thing with binoculars from the base of the mountain trying to warn me. Obviously I could not hear or see them. Now I laugh, but that was a scary story!

• I like singing ( I sang with the Sydney Opera House Choir!), oh! and roller skating, I joined a Roller Derby team for a while...

• If I could have a second life I would like to be a National Geographic Photographer, a Professional Piano Player and singer or an Eco Warrior aboard the Sea Shepperd.

• I made Bill Gates uncomfortable during his visit to a big Pharma Lab in Madrid (where I was working at that time) by asking him a direct question about his Foundation policy on Climate Change research, as a different way of fighting malaria (which is spreading to new countries due to global warming and mosquito survival) vs research on drugs that become unaffordable in the third world.

• I love learning. And learning from people out there is the best. That's why I really enjoy working with customers on custom orders, where their projects become mine as well. I'd love to get involved in yours! Are you ready?