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Milky Way ring set

Size Guide

↠This listing is for a made to order Australian milky opal solid Yellow Gold three wedding rings set. It includes the following:- 1.5 mm Yellow gold wire opal solitaire ring.- 1.5mm wire Yellow gold dainty band.- 1.5mm wire Yellow gold chevron wedding ring embracing the Opal.

The size of the stone is 7mmx 5mm.▻▻ The meaning behind this set is that every opal is different. The opal represents the beauty of this irrepetible stone, now found. ▻▻The Chevron gold ring is inspired in the natives of North America, where the arrow means direction and protection. The Gold arrow embraces the uniqueness of the opal to join life together under one direction.▻▻ The gold dotted wedding band represent the reality of life and marriage. The ups and downs of daily life.

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